Phone Number List How Far Is It From the Real

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Phone Number List How Far Is It From the Real

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As a result, there are Internet companies that are eager to achieve success in the Metaverse. Take "Jelly" as an example. It was originallym Phone Number List an application called "Side" under Yidian Information. It was launched in August 2019. The local content community app, due to the mediocre response, will no longer be updated after May 2021, until January 2022, when it is renamed "Jel", which Phone Number List focuses on the Metaverse, and the "Metaverse" product built in 6 months is short-lived. Not surprising.

And Baidu Xiyang, which builds a more grand metaverse, has not used it for a year. The internal version number is -6.0. An industry insider introduced to Tech Phone Number List
Planet that the virtual character model in "Xyyang" has not been carried out. The skeleton is bound, so that the trajectory Phone Number List of the virtual character often appears on the ground and the physical collision is almost non-existent. The phenomenon of Phone Number List wearing the mold can be seen everywhere, and there are traces of rush work.


Another ambition of many Phone Number List companies actively entering the pit is that the Metaverse is a market as big as it is. Bloomberg reported that in 2024, the global revenue scale of "Metaverse" is expected to reach about 800 billion US dollars, of which the share of game Phone Number List manufacturers is expected to reach about 400 billion US dollars, and the rest of the revenue is scattered in live broadcast and other social applications.
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