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On the three most important

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2023 3:45 am
by parvej980
These suggestions are nothing more than suggestions for keywords that are worth reviewing. Google also presents keyword suggestions to us in the form of the so-called similar searches. We will find them at the very bottom of the page under the search results. Just like in the case of suggestions, it is worth visiting these places when looking for keywords for our campaigns. Step II. Rate their competitiveness and importance Now that you have a list of keywords, if you want to assess their attractiveness, you need to research them further. I usually examine my words based parameters for me: reach, competitiveness and weight.

Information about the reach of a given keyword can be found, for example, in Google Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer. It is true that in Google, unless you run an AdWords campaign, this information is limited to quite wide orders photo retouching of magnitude that do not provide accurate information about the number of searches. However, they still give you a point of reference. You can check the competitiveness of phrases, for example, by measuring the authority of pages that are in the top ten search results. You can use the free Domain Authority Checker tool for this.


If the vast majority of websites in the top have this coefficient much higher than yours, the fight for positions will be more difficult. Finally, you need to evaluate the importance that a given keyword has for you compared to others on your list. If I have a narrow list of keywords, I often enter limited information in the table - small, medium, large, or a value from to . In the case of much more extensive lists of keywords, it is worth adopting a slightly more complicated rating range, e.g. percentage. Now it's time for selection. As you can see, today I used the dental industry as an example.